Gavin Harrington - Irish Award-Winning Furniture Designer & Maker

Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, his artistic ingenuity led him to furniture making from an early age as he started his career with an apprenticeship at FAS trade school followed by his City & Guilds Certification at the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) Linen Hall on Bolton Street. His post-collegiate studies granted him an opportunity at a renowned furniture design company which, led him to crafting in Ireland's leading government and museum buildings such as: Dublin City Hall, Natural History Museum, Michael Collins Museum and the National Museum of Ireland.

His apprenticeship at D.I.T. consisted of a four year furniture-making theory course, that introduced him to the biology of numerous tree species wherein, he learned every aspect of a tree: starting from the seed, to the leaves of a tree, to the wood that grew from that species. His intensive education allowed him to develop an extensive understanding of the tree species most commonly utilized in furniture making. Additionally, Gavin has studied all periods of furniture making; from William & Mary to Modern day furniture styles which, allows him to reproduce those styles along with the hardware associated with those furniture periods. He was awarded City and Guilds in Cabinet Making; a globally-recognized trade certification that established him as a professional furniture maker. 

With over 30 years experience as a professional furniture maker and designer, his ability to craft furniture is unrivaled in execution, finesse and design. Gavin specializes in creating one-off furniture pieces that reflect his artistic flair and imagination although, reproductions and contemporary designs are commonly crafted. He expanded his crafting abilities to include maritime furniture; building furniture exclusively for luxury yachts where he has rebuilt interior and exterior facades or created a custom piece of art. His work has been featured on hit television series and commercials.

 He can be contacted via email or here

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